Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just a feeling..

I feel:  sad, put-together, forgotten, loved, angry, lethargic, nastalgic, hyper, stressed, depressed, strung-out, annoyed, happy.

I have felt all these things in my short life.  These are normal human emotions.
Many people feel like happiness is a destination:  that one day they'll have everything they dreamed of and be happy.

It isn't; you won't.
From the words of Julian from One Tree Hill:  "Happiness is a feeling, an emotion: not a destination."

Happiness is a feeling much like thirst or hunger.  It comes and goes.  It's okay to feel not great every now and then.
We are always waiting for that one thing (or things) to make us happy.  In my case it's that special someone, but happiness isn't going to find us one day and stay.
No one is ever happy all the time.
Things aren't going to make us happy.
We can have great things in our lives and still feel a little miserable.
Miserable is just feeling.
But so is happiness.  You can feel happy just like you feel mad, or sad.  It's just a feeling.

While happiness is not always the feeling you have, joy can be prevalent.
Joy and happiness are often confused as the same thing.  They aren't.
There have been many a day that I didn't feel the least bit happy, but I still had joy in my heart.
Joy is something that lives within you.  Something that is put there and stays.
It's that little voice that in the midst of a trial that is whispering that tomorrow will be brighter.

I'm here to say that the only reason for the joy in my heart is Jesus.
He put it there.  He gives me my hope.  He is the reason I have all that I have.

He gives me joy.
I hope that you can find the joy that I have in Jesus, too.

God bless.

Jesus Christ,
One Tree Hill, Julian Baker.


the good-buy girl said...

Annabelle, I think you must be an angel, disguised as a young lady.

Symdaddy said...

I'm afraid I must disagree with you for once.

Happiness is, as you said, not a place or destination. But neither is it entirely a feeling or emotion.

It is a realisation; an experience.

A realisation that, at a particular moment in your life, everything is as you would like it to be; an experience of a moment, or moments, when expectations are met.

Your belief in God and Christ is, on it's own, insufficient as a generator of joy and is more likely to be something that makes you 'happy'.

True joy, may I suggest, is something you find in your heart when you share your beliefs and discover that you are not alone with them!

Annabelle said...

My belief in God is, on it's own, sufficient in filling me with joy. God, and only God is my source of joy.

I agree that happines does come from a feeling of satisfaction. A feeling of achievement.

Happiness is also always fleeting. Regardless of where it comes from, it comes and goes.

I find happiness in sharing my beliefs and finding that I'm not alone.

The joy that I have from Christ is always within me.

So, I must say I disagree with you on where my joy comes from.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You are always more than welcome to!

the good-buy girl said...

Good for you, Annabelle for standing up for your beliefs and most importantly for God. You are a real treasure for God in this world. I'm proud of you.