Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hide it under a bushel..NO

Where's my soapbox? I'm about to get on it.


We've all heard the saying that "no one is perfect"

Which I'm here to say is true.

I'll be the first to say that.
I won't deny the worst thing you have to say about me.

No one person, is perfect. Especially in actions.
We mess up and we fall down. Sometimes we jump.. on purpose.. because it's fun.


But what really bothers me is when someone thinks that they aren't worth something.

When they throw themselves away because they aren't good enough.

Nobody is perfect.
But I'm here to say that God doesn't make junk. You ARE the World's Greatest.

We were fearfully and wonderfully made.
He knows the number of HAIRS on our head.
I'm just wondering why anyone would want to know that about someone who didn't matter.
You're right. They wouldn't. YOU matter.

We all make mistakes, but there is forgiveness.
It's not over.

Bad decison? That's alright
Welcome to my silly life.

Pretty Pretty please don't you ever feel like your less than perfect.

I think every single one of us have a light that needs to be shown.

We all have something inspirational to contribute to this planet earth.
Hide it under a bushel..NO!
I'm gonna let it shine!

Katy Perry- Firework
Claudetter Miller-10th grade english teacher.

P!NK- Perfect


Bouncin' Barb said...

I could not agree with you more. Everybody!

Symdaddy said...

Perfection is me!

I am perfection!

I'm a perfect specimen of a balding, slightly over weight, mistake making person.

Anonymous said...

I love this! I totally agree with you! One of my favorite artists have a recurring theme, "I may not be perfect, but I promise I'm worth it!" BTW I absolutely love that song by P!nk!