Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My name is Anna..

Facts about me:

1. I like instrumentals. It's what puts me to sleep every night.
2. Every time I bake, I burn something. Including icing.
3. When things are going wrong, I run. Literally.
4. Sade is my go to "chill" music.
5. I deleted facebook.
6. I love my mother.
7. I make lists for everything.
8. I wish on 11:11 knowing it'll never come true.
9. I'm the youngest.
10. I'm a perpetually happy person.
11. I'm forgiven.
12. I'm a dancer.
13. This is my favorite number.
14. I want to save the world, or at least my slice of it.
15. I look up to my big brother.
16. My socks never match.
17. I want to marry rich.
18. Because I love to shop :)
19. My favorite color is purple.
20. I want a pet pig.

This is a random list of random facts about me.

p.s. Sorry for not blogging.

I'm here,
Thanks for reading.
Nice to meet you :)

1 comment:

Bouncin' Barb said...

Great list of things. 13 is my favorite number. I married Rich but he wasn't Rich. haha.