Thursday, July 7, 2011

Your string of lights is still bright to me

Here goes another list:

1. I'm currently listening to California King Bed by Rhianna.
3. I was going to a Taylor Swift concert in Atlanta on Sunday, but it got cancelled because she got bronchitis. :( Get better Taylor!
4. I'm making myself be completely honest with everyone about my feelings, including myself.
5. I will be a senior this year.
6. I miss God, even though He didn't go anywhere. It was me.
7. I've decided to not let anyone take advantage of me.
8. I'm choosing to love myself instead of pointing out all the negative.
9. I get myself into the stickiest messes I've ever seen.
10. Somehow, I always get out though. No thanks to me.
11. I wish on 11:11.
12. Taylor Swift makes any mood of mine feel better.
13. I'd be mortifyed if anyone that I knew ever saw my blog.
14. The things I write are the things I wish I could speak all the time.
15. Taylor Swift's album "Speak Now" has empowered me. To not let the moment pass without me saying what needs to be said.
16. Sometimes I dance around in my underwear. And sing. Loudly.
17. I believe that it's dangerous to keep stuff locked inside. So I don't.
18. I don't believe in Prince Charming. Because I don't want a perfect guy. I want one who I can love regardless of his past, and because of his past, can understand mine.
19. I daydream regularly.
20. I use really big words in everyday conversation and people look at me blankly.
21. I love Chelsea Lately.
22. I looked in the mirror last night and was actually pleased with what I saw. Not in a Vain way, but in a healthy self-loving way.
23. I want to live in New York very badly.
24. I need to exercise way more than I do.
25. I'm happiest when I'm wearing a huge tshirt and some variation of workout shorts with flip flops.
26. I do think dreams come true.
27. I get very emotional sometimes.
28. I'm realizing this list is forever long.
29. I'm apologizing.
30. This is the last one :)

This is a list of most of the things that have captivated my thoughts for the past week.
It feels good to see them in black and white.
(Errr, Ombre purple and white)
Instead of the mumble and jumble that is my mind.

If anyone out there cares, do me a favor and look up the song "Innocent" by Taylor Swift.
I know that's me.
Every word of it.

...And yes. I am aware that number 2 is missing.
ohh well :)

It was enchanting sharing this with those of you who read.
Let me know what you think.

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Bouncin' Barb said...

You sound like a perfectly healthy and well adjusted person. Good for you. Always be true to yourself and never apologize for who you are.