Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Think She's An Angel

I don't want to be one of those people who takes for granted the things they have while they have them.
I don't want to just look back after someone is gone and wish that I had spent more time with them or treated them better.
So, I'm dedicating this post to my Mother.
My dear, kind mother.

It's unreal what this woman can do.
I know that a lot of people grow up thinking that their mother is some sort of superhero.. but I choose to think of mine as more of an angel. 
A light skinned, gray-haired angel.

She has a voice that sounds like heaven on earth. When she sings, people get chills. But she's humble. When she gets complemented she gives all the credit to God.

And not only is her singing voice perfection, but when she talks.. it's the most comforting sound I've ever heard.
Her voice is also her biggest tell. I can tell when she's sad, mad, happy, hesitant, or tired by just her voice.

She also knows nearly everyone's telephone number in the small city in which we live.

My mother is one of those people who just radiates grace and poise. She's classy and elegant

You would never want to see her suffer a day in her life.

But she's constantly burdened with the stress of bills she has yet to pay, and money we don't have to pay them with.

It breaks my heart to see her burdened when there's nothing I can do.

Her faith in God is unswerving.
It's amazing.

Just last night she made me pray, even when I thought it wouldn't work.
She reminds me that prayer always works. God always has something in store.

When one of her children is hurting, just know that she is hurting ten times worse because she wishes more than anything that she could take that pain away.

I know that my mother is not perfect.
I have seen her get angry and upset.
I could probably count on one hand all the curse words i've heard her say.

I honestly don't know what I'd do without her.
There's not a day that goes by that I don't call her to get a piece of her unmatched wisdom.
I think I would crawl into a hole and not come out.

Half the world would be lost without her.

I do believe that if every mother was like mine, this would be a perfect generation.

I can't say that I know everything she does for me. I know there is so much she doesn't show me, and one day, perhaps when I'm a mother, I'll understand why. With that said, although I don't know every thing she does for me, I appreciate it more than a lot of people can comprehend.

Just thinking about her not being around someday leaves a big gaping hole in my heart.

I see the way she misses her own mother. The one who taught her to be such an angel. I see it in her eyes, and the slight quiver of her lips when she mentions her, or when she's brought up in casual conversation.
This might be selfish to say, but I never want to have to miss my mother like that.
I want her in my life for as long as I live.

I love you Mom. So much.
I hope one day I can be half the woman you are.
It'll be two times better than I ever thought I'd be..

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