Sunday, January 9, 2011

All is quiet in the world tonight..

I don't know if any of you have ever experienced the quietness of a snow fall, but it is unlike anything I've ever witnessed.

I just peeped my head out of my front door and saw that my entire slice of the world was covered with perfect white snow.
I stood there and wondered how anything could be going wrong at this moment in time. 
Every imperfection on the ground was neatly covered and it all looked so perfect.
All of the mundane sounds we hear everyday are muffled and silenced.  It feels like all is quiet in the world tonight.

..and yet, just this morning, I was sitting thinking to myself that things aren't fair. 

In church, the point of the lesson was to have faith.  It isn't always necessary to know how the end will turn out, or how you're going to get there, but you must have faith that God will see it through.

Our preacher really drove it home with this simple observation. He said, "I can bring myself to have faith that this chair, a chair, will hold me up. And yet, it's hard for people to have faith in God."

How true is that?  I mean we trust everyday things, the floor we walk on, our cars, airplanes, the beds we sleep in to perform the task they were made for.  Most of the time, we don't even give a second thought as to if it will do as we think it should. 
So as I was sitting there listening, I was thinking, yes! So true!

Then, no more than thirty minutes later, I was asking my mom about all these things.  Fretting.  Worrying.  Showing no faith.  Surely faith without actions are dead..

She then said something that made me shut up and think.  She said, "You know, Anna, we are having faith.  We're giving God time to come through before we go and get ahead of Him." 
That's gonna be a hard lesson for me to learn. 
So here it is: my resolution for 2011.  (About three weeks late. I know.)


Have Faith.
have faith.

When I feel like it's all falling apart, when I'm at the end of the rope, when I'm wondering how I'm going to make it through another day I'm going to have faith in the God who provides.

The God who has shown me time and time again who He is. 
The God who promised to never leave me nor forsake me.
I'm simply going to have faith in something bigger than myself.

I feel like this will be the best year yet..


lyndylou said...

I hope it is :)

Symdaddy said...

I put my faith in my abilities and i n the abilities of those close to me ... until such time as I have to put faith in the abilities of others.

You write some pretty potent stuff for a young'un!

lyndylou said...

There is an award for you at mine on the post It's for me, really? I wont be offended if you don't take it but I just really like your blog.

the good-buy girl said...

You don't know me, Anna - but thank you for this post. You did an incredible thing for me and for God today. You shared his message that we all need.